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SORGHUM AND SPEAR is an African fantasy saga about young girls called to serve their people in a time of war during their ages of innocence. For a young farm girl named NAMAZZI who dreams of escaping the sleepy farm village of her birth, her life would be forever changed the day that monsters came there to find her.

This Kickstarter campaign funded a 3 comic book length collected graphic novel that introduces and expands the fantasy world of SORGHUM & SPEAR. While we are a book-based project, we endeavored to a place where our inevitable success brought our studio's foray into animation. We ALL deserve a SORGHUM & SPEAR: THE ANIMATED SERIES available to EVERYONE as our main stretch goal!

SORGHUM AND SPEAR was centered around the lives and stories of a mythical race of warrior women, known as the AN'FRE, who fight against a legion of demons to protect a rare and ancient artifact known as the LIFESEED. Created and guided by a living goddess known as ESHE, THE ALL-MOTHER who wields the Lifeseed, they have found a rise in power of their foes known as the ABIKU.  The shifting tides of the FOREVER WAR now threatens to end their people, they call upon the last generation of girls to use their hidden powers and skills to save their world and their way of life.


Each girl has their own voice and within the war's final outcome, and their decisions will impact the fate of the ETERNAL REALM. Our first story arc is called "HARVEST OF THE ALL MOTHER" which is an introduction to the major characters as the goddess ESHE has summoned all the children of the realm to the holy city of NGOLO ADE to become recruits in the holy war against the ABIKU demons. NAMAZZI discovers she is one of the ASCENDED, a rare and powerful descendents of the FIRST DAUGHTERS, who were imbued with fantastic powers and abilities. Her ascension is heralded as a prophetic return to glory of the An'Fre women and she is thrust into the forefront of a war filled with intrigue, politics and many more machinations that work unseen by most.

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Our storyline follows our main character NAMAZZI, a young farm girl who lives in a hidden village atop a sacred mountain, separated and forgotten by both sides of the conflict. The people of MARDURI know nothing of the war below, and she is preparing for a rite of womanhood ceremony along with the other girls in the village. As she considers a chance to leave the village or remain with her family, their village is attacked by a horde of goblins lead by a mysterious looking pair or demons, who begin to capture the girls and raze the village.


NAMAZZI discovers she is one of the ASCENDED, a powerful and ancient warrior clan that have fantastic abilities. As she and the girls seek to escape, they are rescued and taken to the holy city of NGOLO-ADE, where all the young girls of the realm are being trained to use their abilities and skills to stop a growing army of demons and monsters coming to end the Forever War once and for all. Here, they struggle with this new reality in various ways, as throughout the realm, the larger conversations of how to handle the threat show that not all An’fre agree with the ways of the Goddess-Queen.

And yes, we're working on an ANIMATED SERIES!  The funding of this endeavor and its popularity only adds to the momentum our series has already received! 


Take a look at our animatic pitch so far, to which we have icon a living legend NICHELLE NICHOLS, who we know and love as Nyota Uhura in the Star Trek television series as, as an Executive Producer and voiceover talent.