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The history books call it a  house of horrors.  A  testament to the true depravity that inhabits the souls of man.

The  little  girl  who  escaped  the  demonic  forces  which  occupied  the  LaLaurie  New  Orleans  mansion  on  a  sunny  day  in  1833,  though,  called  it  something  else:  the  site  of  a  rebirth.  The  little  girl  swore  on  that  day  that  she  would  never  be  anyone  else’s  victim,  and  so  began  a  centuries  long  campaign  of  bloody  revenge.  The  Retribution  Cabal  (RC)  was  born,  protecting  only  those  descendants  of  America’s original sin.

Now  on  a  cyberpunk  stage  where  technological  wonders  leave  no  place  for  creatures of  legend,  the  LaLauries  and  their  denizens  reappear,  continuing  their  blood-soaked quest  for  obtaining  ultimate  power.  Time  will  tell  if  the  remaining members  of  the fractured  Cabal  can  stand  as  the  bulwark  between  humanity  and  the  rising hordes  of darkness.

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